I have more than 15 years experience solving all kinds of canine behaviour problems, at home and in rescue. A bad experience with a old fashioned dog trainer inspired me to learn more about dog behaviour, and it is because of him, that I wall never use harsh methods when training and rehabilitating dogs. I work privately with clients in Dundee and the surrounding area with dogs of all ages, breeds and issues including anxiety, aggression and hyperactivity. In 2009 I was proud to publish a book about dog behaviour and training. How to be the Perfect Pack Leader (by Caroline Jenkins) remains popular today and a follow up is expected very shortly.

Reactive Behaviour in Dogs

alert medium brown dog looking for something

Do you have a reactive dog? You have a reactive dog if your dog behaves disproportionately, or in an extreme way, towards a particular trigger or situation. This could mean he is also over excited, anxious or aggressive. But whatever…

Don’t give up on your reactive dog just yet

If you ever thought about giving up on your reactive dog behaviour training, I don’t blame you. It’s a frustrating job at the best of times. In this blog, I will delve into the intricate realm of reactive behaviour and…

Does your dog speak dog?

a beagle and a white dog meeting in an autumnal park. there are brown leaves in the background.

…and does he really need to? Does your dog speak dog? It should be perfectly natural for a dog to be able to communicate with his own kind. But more and more often, dogs are lacking the skills they need…