Success Stories

Marci – A rescue dog story

Marci is such an inspiration. Coming all the way from Bulgaria at the end of 2022, she was a bag of nerves when she arrived. In the first few days she panicked, slipped her lead, and went missing for several…

Charlie – A Rescue Dog Story

Charlie (formerly Whiskey) was a very special rescue dog. Every dog I ever fostered is special to me, ask me about any of them and I’ll tell you stories all day! But, I’ll always have a special place in my…

Success Story

two small dogs, a white dog on the floor beside a sofa. the black dog on the arm of the sofa.

Steve and Jenny When my client first contacted me about her dogs, Steve and Jenny, she described a nightmare. Steve didn’t like other dogs, and he reacted violently to the mere whiff of another dog. He didn’t even have to…

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