My Story

Where it all started…

A bad experience with a very “old-fashioned” dog trainer was all the inspiration I needed to learn more about dog behaviour.

My Bernese Mountain Dog; Molly, had developed some particularly dangerous habits and I needed help. So I called upon a well recommended, local trainer.

The techniques he showed me were tantamount to abuse, and there was no way I was using a single one of them. That left me with a dog that was running out of options, and fast. I wasn’t going to give up her though, so I hit the library.

Initially, I only wanted to learn enough to help Molly. But after reading many books and articles on the subject, not only did I have the tools I needed to train Molly in a kind way, but I was also completely addicted to the subject of dog behaviour.

caroline brackin dog training bernese mountain dog looking over wall

I started my first course shortly after, and I now have 14 qualifications in total: Basic Canine Behaviour(6) and Advanced Canine Behaviour(6), Aggressive Dog Behaviour(1) and Canine First Aid(1). I didn’t stop there, and I can never resist a new book on dog behaviour.

how to be the perfect pack leader by caroline jenkins dog training books in a pile
Your guide to becoming the pack leader of your dogs dreams

Becoming a Canine Behaviourist

Since finishing my training in 2004, I have been solving all kinds of canine behaviour problems in rescue centres, at home with my own foster dogs, or privately with families. I was also lucky enough to have a regular slot with Carolyn Stewart on radio U105 where I was able to help answer questions live on the radio, and for a short time I answered readers questions for the Irish News.

In 2006, I had my first private client in Belfast, and I haven’t looked back since

In 2009 I achieved a lifelong dream and wrote and published a book; How to be the Perfect Pack Leader (published under the name Caroline Jenkins). It’s still available from Amazon and last time I checked it had 5 stars!

With all that experience you can be sure the methods I use have been fully tried and tested.

In particular, my experience fostering “damaged and tricky” dogs, and working directly with rescue centres, means I am perfectly placed to help rehabilitate your rescue dog.

Saying that, I never pass up the opportunity to learn something new, and my techniques are constantly evolving to suit the needs of the dog and their family.

Coming to Dundee

In September, 2018, I brought all those years of experience to the dogs of Dundee, and the surrounding areas.

Today, a good portion of my clients come to me having already sought help elsewhere. They haven’t quite found the answers they need and are still in need of advice. Sometimes this is because the recommended techniques are fear based, and they simply refuse to use them. But, more often it is as a result of a poor assessment. A good assessment will highlight all underlying issues and related behaviours which, if missed, will sabotage any training plan.

Back to work in 2022

Covid temporarily put the breaks on my consulting in 2020, but I have not been far away and a new book is months away (fingers crossed), and I am back seeing dogs again. I’ve been expanding my skills too and am now a certified life coach, which will really benefit all my clients.

There is a bigger than ever demand for qualified, experienced and kind behaviourists, and my focus now is on the dogs that need more help than your average behaviourist can offer!

I also offer mentoring and coaching to other businesses that offer pet services throughout the UK such as dog trainers and behaviourists, dog walkers, groomers and boarders. Check that out on My Business Companions website.

Terrier being held by Caroline, the dog has her tongue out
Tongues Out!