Toilet training tips for dogs and puppies

Housetraining a puppy is tricky business, it can be hard work and often takes longer than expected. Here are my top toilet training tips, for dogs and puppies, to get you off to the best start, or back on track!

Four stages of the behaviour training process

Changing a behaviour is not the same as teaching new cues. With traditional cue training you can keep adding new skills and tricks for as long as you want to. Changing a behaviour is usually a process that has a…

Why dogs refuse food and what to do about it!

Not all dogs will eat until they burst, some can actually appear quite picky. And some will actually refuse to eat their meals and treats all together at times. There are lots of reasons dogs refuse food. So, here are…

5 Dog behaviours you shouldn’t ignore

Dogs are constantly communicating with us via their behaviour. Some messages are less urgent, but others should never be ignored. Here are 5 dog behaviours that you shouldn’t ignore in your dog!

Humping: One Problem – Three Solutions

If you check the internet for advice about any dog behaviour problem you’ll find a selection of conflicting dog behaviour advice. It can’t all be right, can it? With humping you’ll find the most common piece of advice is redirection…

Four reasons you shouldn’t yell at your dog!

For years we’ve been taught to yell at our dogs when they do something wrong. Not only is it likely to be ineffective, but it could actually make some problems much worse. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t yell…

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