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    Dog Behaviour

    Rescue dog behaviour training!

    Having worked as a canine behaviourist in rescue, for many years, I am very familiar with the challenges that come with rescue dog behaviour training. Some dogs come with a story, but most don’t. And even when they do, you can’t always rely on it. Sadly, some don’t even have a name. You get good at reading a dogs body language, and picking up early signs of discomfort and tension. And you accept that there are some things you’ll never know about a dogs past, and some times it’s better that way!

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    Assessing Behaviour for Dog Training Plans

    Before I can start any kind of behaviour or training plan with your dog, it makes sense to spend a bit of time figuring out what’s actually gone wrong! No two dogs are the same, so I always take my time over the initial behaviour assessment. The initial assessment will usually take between 45-60 minutes. Mostly it will involve us chatting, whilst watching him and the problem behaviours, so I can quickly get to know him. The more information I can gather at this stage the better the training plan will be, so I don’t like to rush it.

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    Reactive Behaviour in Dogs

    Do you have a reactive dog? You have a reactive dog if your dogs behaves disproportionately, or in the extreme, towards a particular trigger or situation. This could mean he is over excited, anxious or aggressive. But whatever the initial cause, he is likely making too big of a deal about it. Typically, he could be jumping and lunging, barking and squealing, or spinning in circles. He might also be acting aggressively towards whatever he is reacting to.

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    Stay Safe this Winter!

    My deepest sympathies go out to the poor family of a dog that tragically died last weekend. The poor pup was just playing with his friend and they both went out onto the frozen reservoir. Both dogs fell in, but after incredible efforts, sadly only one could be saved. The cold weather has crept up on us all this year, and this tragedy could have happened to anyone, so I wanted to put together a few suggestions to help you keep your dog safe this winter.

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    Ignoring unwanted dog behaviour

    Why ignore? If you are working on an issue with your dogs behaviour, there’s a very good chance you’ve been advised to ignore them at some point. But why should we be ignoring our dogs? It feels so alien, and rude. But there are lots of benefits when you are trying to change an unwanted behaviour. And especially when you are working on attention seeking behaviours such as mouthing, jumping up, chase me, play with me, barking and begging.

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    Why dog training stops working

    Like many people, you may once have been (and if you are reading this, probably still are!) the owner of a dog with behavior problems. But, you made the decision that you have struggled for long enough and got help. Hopefully, you gave yourself the best chance of success and employed the wisdom of an experienced Dog Behaviorist or Trainer. Or maybe you did extensive internet research and created your own strategy. In either case, the advice might have worked well at the start. So why is it then, that a month or so on, you are still struggling with the same problems, if anything the situation is now worse…