The Walk

Reactive Behaviour in Dogs

alert medium brown dog looking for something

Do you have a reactive dog? You have a reactive dog if your dog behaves disproportionately, or in an extreme way, towards a particular trigger or situation. This could mean he is also over excited, anxious or aggressive. But whatever…

Does your dog speak dog?

a beagle and a white dog meeting in an autumnal park. there are brown leaves in the background.

…and does he really need to? Does your dog speak dog? It should be perfectly natural for a dog to be able to communicate with his own kind. But more and more often, dogs are lacking the skills they need…

Recall; an essential skill for every dog!

It’s not uncommon these days, to think of recall as being a non-urgent cue that we’ll teach our dog at some point. With the increase in popularity of extendable leads and long lines it has felt even more optional. But…

5 Ways to get the most out of our dogs walk

We are taking our dogs for their walks anyway, why not make the most of them. So, here are five ways we can get the most out of our dogs walks that will also benefit their confidence and mental health.

When you can’t walk your dog!

There are loads of reasons you might not be able to take your dogs for a daily walk! Here are 5 fun things you can do to keep them happy and content in the mean time!

Great Dog Training Locations in Dundee

There are loads of great dog training locations in Dundee to train and socialise your dog. Here are some of my favourites. But where do you like to go? Tell me in the comments…

Key Elements of The Perfect Dog Walk

You and your dog may have different ideas of what a perfect walk might look like. For the most well balanced dog, this is what I think a perfect walk will look like! If you can include a bit of…

The problem with retractable dog leads

a lady in shorts and a t-shirt walking her dog on a long lead through a wooded area

Retractable dog leads have become a popular choice, particularly over recent years. But, very often they cause more problems than they solve. Here’s my take on them and why they are best avoided.

Mastering “The Walk” with your Dog

dog in behaviour training in dundee, a small terrier type dog running off lead beside her owners feet

Do you watch other dogs with envy and wish yours could walk beside you? If you do, you are not alone. In this blog I’m going to show you how to go about mastering the dog walk so you can…

Socialisation with other dogs

What is socialisation? Google defines socialisation as: the process of learning to behave in a way that is acceptable to society. I like this description as it says nothing about playing, or good experiences. If you look up “socialisation with…

Managing Emotions not Behaviour!

content blonde labrador dog face poking out in between a pile of white and peach blankets.

Often training plans focus on changing a specific behaviour, but I think this can be a mistake. A calm dog is rarely a challenging dog, so it makes sense to focus on achieving a calm mind as opposed to chasing…