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I have more than 15 years experience solving all kinds of canine behaviour problems, at home and in rescue. A bad experience with a old fashioned dog trainer inspired me to learn more about dog behaviour, and it is because of him, that I wall never use harsh methods when training and rehabilitating dogs. I work privately with clients in Dundee and the surrounding area with dogs of all ages, breeds and issues including anxiety, aggression and hyperactivity. In 2009 I was proud to publish a book about dog behaviour and training. How to be the Perfect Pack Leader (by Caroline Jenkins) remains popular today and a follow up is expected very shortly.

Pro’s and Con’s of dog training crates

Dog training crates are becoming increasingly popular. Used well, your dog will love their crate, but they aren’t for everyone. Here are some of the pro’s and con’s of crates and how to use them.

Does your dog need rules?

small brown dog with big pointy ears looking very happy

Does your dog have rules for you? No! Are you sure? Do you ever add a little grated cheese or gravy to your dogs food. Or lift his muddy, wet body into the car at the end of the walk…

Mastering “The Walk” with your Dog

dog in behaviour training in dundee, a small terrier type dog running off lead beside her owners feet

Do you watch other dogs with envy and wish yours could walk beside you? If you do, you are not alone. In this blog I’m going to show you how to go about mastering the dog walk so you can…

Clicker training your dog

There are tons of benefits to be gained from clicker training your dog, in fact, I recommend it to nearly half of my private behaviour clients!

Socialisation with other dogs

What is socialisation? Google defines socialisation as: the process of learning to behave in a way that is acceptable to society. I like this description as it says nothing about playing, or good experiences. If you look up “socialisation with…

Rescue dog behaviour training!

rescue dog in training. Labrador with wrinkled face looking anxious on his bed

Having worked as a canine behaviourist in rescue, for many years, I am very familiar with the challenges that come with rescue dog behaviour training. Some dogs come with a story, but most don’t. And even when they do, you…

Assessing Behaviour for Dog Training

Small black and white poodle type dog wearing sunglasses , laying in a green striped hammock.

No two dogs are the same, so I will always take time in assessing behaviour properly before dog training can begin. The initial assessment will usually take between 45-60 minutes. Mostly it will involve us chatting, whilst watching him and…

Managing Emotions not Behaviour!

content blonde labrador dog face poking out in between a pile of white and peach blankets.

Often training plans focus on changing a specific behaviour, but I think this can be a mistake. A calm dog is rarely a challenging dog, so it makes sense to focus on achieving a calm mind as opposed to chasing…

Reactive Behaviour in Dogs

alert medium brown dog looking for something

Do you have a reactive dog? You have a reactive dog if your dogs behaves disproportionately, or in the extreme, towards a particular trigger or situation. This could mean he is over excited, anxious or aggressive. But whatever the initial…

Stay Safe this Winter!

My deepest sympathies go out to the poor family of a dog that tragically died last weekend. The poor pup was just playing with his friend and they both went out onto the frozen reservoir. Both dogs fell in, but…

Ignoring unwanted dog behaviour

one german shephard type dog ignoring another dog that is trying to get attention by putting it's paw on him.

Why ignore? If you are working on an issue with your dogs behaviour, there’s a very good chance you’ve been advised to ignore them at some point. But why should we be ignoring our dogs? It feels so alien, and…