Get your puppies behaviour off to the best start

I regularly get asked to help new puppy owners get their puppies behaviour off to the best start. Getting those early weeks right is so important for their behaviour now, and in the future. Decisions made now could affect the way your puppy learns for life, so this is important stuff. I’m always excited to be a part of that, but these days I am often too booked up to be able to offer 1-1 help at the right time. So, I made a note of all the stuff I wish I could teach you in your consultation and made it into two online mini courses instead. This way you don’t have to wait until it’s too late to benefit from the most valuable part of my puppy consultations.

Their are two options depending on your pups age and vaccination status, but for best results do both! Both are split over 14 days and includes a daily task to support your puppies changing behaviour and development. Most people just want an happy and confident puppy, but this is rarely covered in puppy training programs, so I’ll focus on how to achieve that plus you’ll learn a couple of important tricks along the way.

You’ll learn a little about puppy psychology, how to make the most of the bodies natural rhythm in their routine – for example, did you know that feeding your puppy after certain types of play can prevent food guarding! You’ll also learn ways to avoid common behaviour problems, the fastest way to teach them a new behaviour, what their behaviour is trying to tell you, and how to protect their mental health as they grow up, plus loads more!

Both have a free sample day too, so you can see the kind of stuff you’ll be discovering!