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Mastering “The Walk” with your Dog

dog in behaviour training in dundee, a small terrier type dog running off lead beside her owners feet

Do you watch other dogs with envy and wish yours could walk beside you? If you do, you are not alone. In this blog I’m going to show you how to go about mastering the dog walk so you can…

Clicker training your dog

There are tons of benefits to be gained from clicker training your dog, in fact, I recommend it to nearly half of my private behaviour clients!

Assessing Behaviour for Dog Training

Small black and white poodle type dog wearing sunglasses , laying in a green striped hammock.

No two dogs are the same, so I will always take time in assessing behaviour properly before dog training can begin. The initial assessment will usually take between 45-60 minutes. Mostly it will involve us chatting, whilst watching him and…

Reactive Behaviour in Dogs

alert medium brown dog looking for something

Do you have a reactive dog? You have a reactive dog if your dogs behaves disproportionately, or in the extreme, towards a particular trigger or situation. This could mean he is over excited, anxious or aggressive. But whatever the initial…

Ignoring unwanted dog behaviour

one german shephard type dog ignoring another dog that is trying to get attention by putting it's paw on him.

Why ignore? If you are working on an issue with your dogs behaviour, there’s a very good chance you’ve been advised to ignore them at some point. But why should we be ignoring our dogs? It feels so alien, and…

Why dog training stops working

small terrier dog in behaviour training looking up to their owner on a loose lead

Like many people, you may once have been (and if you are reading this, probably still are!) the owner of a dog with behavior problems. But, you made the decision that you have struggled for long enough and got help.…

Fears, Phobias and Anxiety

rescue dog in training. Labrador with wrinkled face looking anxious on his bed

What’s the difference? Whilst fear, phobia and anxiety might present with similar symptoms, there are distinct differences. Determining what you are dealing with is the first step in the rehabilitation process. We’ll start with fear as it is probably the…

Walking in the Dark

A collie dog being trained to walk on a loose lead by his female handler at sunset

With the night drawing in, many of us are now being forced to walk our dogs in the dark. But, doing it safely, and comfortably, may not be quite as simple as just buying a few reflective collars.

Barking… noise pollution or necessary behaviour?

a small terrier puppy is on the rocky beach

Barking, and other forms of vocalisation, are natural behaviours for our dogs. It is one of four methods dogs use to communicate with each other. The others are Scent, Body Language and Touch. We hate it, but is barking really…

Managing Separation Anxiety – Part Six

An anxious looking pug dog wrapped in a blanket

We are in the end game now. If you have only just come across these posts please head to part one and start there. This is the bit where we put a final routine together so you can leave the…

Managing Separation Anxiety – Part Five

An anxious looking pug dog wrapped in a blanket

Welcome to Part 5 So, we are now moving into the final stages of training. Today we’ll start looking at the bit that comes before the problem behaviour. This is the behaviour that starts as soon as your dog realises…

Managing Separation Anxiety – Part Four

An anxious looking pug dog wrapped in a blanket

If you are just finding me now, please head to part one and hopefully all will make sense So, we have got as far as Confidence building. This is an important part of any training plan when you are working…

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