The impact of patience in dog training and rehabilitation

The impact of patience in dog training and rehabilitation should not be underestimated. You can have the very best advice, and perfectly suited training techniques, but if you don’t have enough patience to follow through you’ll not get the results…

Clicker training your dog

There are tons of benefits to be gained from clicker training your dog, in fact, I recommend it to nearly half of my private behaviour clients!

Socialisation with other dogs

What is socialisation? Google defines socialisation as: the process of learning to behave in a way that is acceptable to society. I like this description as it says nothing about playing, or good experiences. If you look up “socialisation with…

Managing Emotions not Behaviour!

content blonde labrador dog face poking out in between a pile of white and peach blankets.

Often training plans focus on changing a specific behaviour, but I think this can be a mistake. A calm dog is rarely a challenging dog, so it makes sense to focus on achieving a calm mind as opposed to chasing…