Reactive Dog Behaviour Help

Whether you need full support or a point in the right direction, there are lots of ways I can help you with your reactive dog behaviour. Here are some suggestions based on common goals and experience levels. You don’t have to stick to any combination, feel free to mix and match to suit your needs!

Hints and Tips

If you are just needing a few hints and tips I have plenty of information on my Blogs and YouTube channel.

I also recommend joining my Reactive Behaviour Support Group on Facebook.

Check out the Reactive Dog Week topic in the group for a great place to start.

Self Guided

If you need more in-depth knowledge than the FREE stuff offers. Then my Reactive Dog Behaviour Course might suit.

Get started right now and learn why common distraction based techniques don’t work, how to get round that, and loads more.

My Online Reactive Dog Workshops offer opportunities to learn more about reactive behaviour and how to solve it in a group setting.

Workshops take place over 4 weeks and include theory, discussion, tasks and question opportunities.

small terrier dog looking up to their owner on a loose lead

Full Support

No idea where to start? Don’t worry.

Full support packages are available in Dundee and the surrounding area, and online.

I’ll assess your dog and we’ll make a training plan together that will suit you and your dogs needs.

Over a number of private sessions; we’ll work together as I guide you through the process.

By the end of the package you’ll have a plan that is working for you both.

I’ll not abandon you after your training either. Once you’ve completed your training package, you’ll benefit from unlimited email support so I’ll never be far away if you get stuck, stumble or just have a question!
Price varies, email for estimate.