Things They Didn’t Tell You

6 Dog Behaviour Myths Busted!

Here are my 6 top dog behaviour myths busted! Many of these are based on old fashioned alpha dog theories. These theories were debunked almost as quickly as they were presented, but unfortunately are still being used.

Learning from Mistakes in Dog Behaviour

There are two ways to learn something, you can learn by getting it right, but you can also learn by getting things wrong. Making mistakes is frustrating when you are trying to change your dogs behaviour. But actually it’s an…

Do dogs feel guilty?

Many people tell me that their dogs feel guilty about stuff. Maybe they’ve come home to find something has been chewed or broken, or perhaps a little “gift” has been accidentally deposited in the hall! But, can you really trust…

The dogs advocate

Whether you call yourself pack leader, caregiver, dog mum/dad, or owner, today dogs need us to advocate for them more than ever before.

Great Dog Training Locations in Dundee

There are loads of great dog training locations in Dundee to train and socialise your dog. Here are some of my favourites. But where do you like to go? Tell me in the comments…

Reward Prediction Error in Dogs

Last week I told you how dogs learn new behaviours, but that’s not the end of the story. This week we’ll find out about reward prediction errors in dogs and how dogs can quickly unlearn those new tricks and behaviours!

How dogs learn new behaviours

Ever wondered how your pup learns new (good or bad) behaviours? How can he be great for one person and not another? Why is timing so important? And how it is that you can spend ages teaching him a recall…

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