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In this online class I will teach you how to better manage and grow your business Facebook page.

We’ll talk a little about branding, the voice of your business, your golden customer, what to post and how often, logarithm basics, why you’re not getting seen, getting active again after lockdown, and how to create a half decent advert. We’ll also talk about why you should stop using the Invite All button, and why they tell you to never boost posts!

This class will take place on Monday 20th July at 4pm, it is an online class but numbers will be limited to allow time for some questions so early booking is advised.

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As the owner and manager of a variety of  businesses, projects and organisations across Northern Ireland and Scotland, I have had plenty of experience navigating Facebook over the past 15 years. My experience includes the management of a small dog rescue in Northern Ireland, the management of an authors social media accounts, managing a successful Kickstarter campaign using a variety of social media, and currently For Cakes Sake; an afternoon tea business in Dundee, and this dog behaviour business, now also based in Dundee.

I made a ton of mistakes in my early Facebook marketing attempts. I wasted a lot of money too, and it makes me sad when I see others making the same mistakes I did. So I developed this class in the hope that I could share my experiences and help you avoid those mistakes.

Whilst I had pet related businesses in mind when I wrote this class, I have experience in a variety of industry’s and the content can easily be applied to businesses outside of the pet industry.

The class should last approximately 1 hour.

This class will take place via Zoom, an online video conferencing service. If you’ve never used it before it’s really easy. You don’t need an account but you will need to download it onto your computer or your device. You’ll be sent a link to access the webinar, just click the link and follow the instructions. If you haven’t downloaded Zoom yet, it will help you to do that too.

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