Private Consultations

I am a fully qualified dog behaviour specialist (I hold thirteen separate qualifications), which means I can give you advice on all the best dog training and behaviour techniques available.

Things are changing and we’re going online!

Private Consultations allow me to properly assess your dog, and the problems you are having. I used to do this face to face, but we’re now going online!

Contactless Assessment

The assessment is the most important part of any training and behaviour plan which is why I won’t compromise on this part. Getting to know you and your dog, and the problems you are having, is key to making a plan that will actually work. Normally, I do this face to face, while I’m in your home, but I can now do it via Phone.

Online Training

There are many different ways I can help you after we have had our initial chat, and it will depend entirely on your circumstances as to what I recommend. I may be able to give you some tips to get things started, I may need to go away and write up a training plan, I may suggest linking up via Skype or Zoom, I may need to make you a video, or ask you to make one for me, I may suggest online classes, or something else. The system will evolve and I will no doubt figure out new ways to help where appropriate.

All Breeds, All Problems

Whether you need help with an anxious collie, an aggressive Jack Russel or a hyper Boxer, I can definitely help.

Areas I Cover

Previously I would have only been able to help people locally, but now I can help you wherever you are.