Canine Behaviour Therapy

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Solving Problem Behaviour

With more than fifteen years experience, I can help you with all your dogs problem behaviour. Whether it’s pulling on the lead, reactive behaviour, toilet training, puppy mouthing/biting, socialisation issues, hyperactivity, aggressive dog behaviour, or anything else in between, I can help you. 

I offer private online consultations to clients. I also offer a range of online courses, tutorials and webinars.

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My First Dog. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be doing this job now. I have a lot to thank her for.

Private Consultations

Get the right advice, first time, with a private consultation. Proper assessment of the problem behaviour simply means more accurate advice and faster results. Techniques will be tested during your sessions, so you’ll know there are working straight away (in person consultation only).


How to be the Perfect Pack Leader is available to buy on Amazon for your kindle and as a paperback. I have a series of e-books which are on the way too so keep an eye out for those.


I have a range of dog behaviour course modules that you can study at home to help you improve your knowledge, and your relationship, with your dog.