Basic Dog Behaviour Course

Would you like a better relationship with your dog, and to better understand his needs?

My Basic Dog Behaviour Course is s
uitable for anyone; dog owner or pet professional alike, who is interested in building a better relationship with mans best friend by gaining a better understanding of him and his behaviour.

Six Fascinating Modules

Getting to know your dog
Gain a deeper understanding of the dog. You'll be learning how his design and breed might influence his motivations and how the impact of his diet and health might affect his mental well being.
How dogs learn
You'll be discovering the different ways dogs learn, how new behaviours are formed and how each technique might be used to influence a dogs behaviour. 
Living a pack
Discover the pack and what it means to live cooperatively and peacefully, the rules of the pack, how they are inforced and the role each member plays.
Normal Dog Behaviour
Find out what is considered normal behaviour and what you should reasonably expect from your dog, you will also learn about different types of aggression.
What influences behaviour
 Learn the different influences on a dogs behaviour including socialisation, hormones, neglect, and the behaviour of those around him.
Changing behaviour
In the final module of the course you'll be putting everything you have learned together and be discovering how to change your dog's behaviour and solve behaviour and training issues for yourself.
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Caroline is an Expert in Canine Behaviour with more than 14 years experience rehabilitating dogs in rescue and at home and is the proud author of How to be the Perfect Pack Leader.

No deadlines, study at your own pace.

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Total course price £240

How it works

This is a home study course. Your first module will be posted, or emailed, if you chose paperless, to you on or after the 2nd October. The course is made up of six modules which all follow the same format.

Section one will contain some information to read and learn and some questions to answer, most of the questions can be answered from the text with minimal research, but to get the most out of this course thorough research is highly recomended.

Section two contains some revision questions.

Section three finishes the module with a short project which will require a little more research.

Once you have completed the work you can post (in the pre-paid envelope) or email (for paperless customers) it to me for comments and marking. Answering the questions correctly will earn you Pass, but a Distinction can be earned by demonstrating extra research and a better understanding of the subject.

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Your work will be returned, along with the next module. 

Once all six modules have been completed, you will be given a certificate, as proof of your succesful completion of the course.

Good Luck!